My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 26 (Speak. Add Fire.)

My 30 Day Yoga Challenge, Day 26

(Speak. Add Fire.)


[ Yes! ]

I went to my weekly Yoga Basics class today. I really enjoy the teacher and I appreciate the way she explains everything.  Even though my 30 Day Unlimited Pass expires in 5 days, I’m thinking I’ll still head to her class next week to finish off the year in a big way.

Through her class, I’ve been able to say YES to opening up myself to the experience of yoga; I am more full and relaxed in my practice than I was before I started attending her sessions.

[ The Experience ]

At the top of the hour in today’s class as she requested me to do so, I reminded my teacher to repeat the answer to my question I asked privately in last week’s session about why we breathe the way we do in Ocean Breathing.  Click here to learn about it and you can also view a video below:

I was always told to breath through my nose, and it is also the natural way we breathe as infants. So when our teacher encouraged us to breathe through our mouths last week, I had to question the philosophy behind it.

Though shy to speak up last week, I am glad I did.

Last week, she answered me, saying that (in a nutshell), open-mouth Ocean Breathing allows you to get the mechanics down until you are comfortable and able to do it with closed mouth. Then she said, “that’s a real good question. In fact, the whole class should hear the answer. Remind me next week.”

So, I did.

[ The Takeaway ]

This week, we began the class and she asked me to repeat my question to the entire class before she got into her explanation.  She then said, that just because a teacher is a teacher, doesn’t mean you have to just trust everything without asking questions, or making it work for your body.  It felt as though she was giving me a nod for speaking up and questioning, so that I could make my practice more personal and meaningful for myself.

It was liberating. Freeing, even.  

This set the tone for me to add a lil’ more fire into my poses tonight. I did things that I had not attempted in this 30 Day Yoga Challenge, simply because my mind told me I wouldn’t be able to do it.

But, I did them anyway.

As I allowed myself to speak, I added more fire to my practice.

I breathed more expansively tonight, and the tiredness I felt when I arrived to class, after an hour of kickboxing, had turned into a peacefulness of

“I can do anything.”

[ Question For You ]

How do you feel when you stretch your comfort zone?

Please comment below!

Here’s to your health, happiness and WHOLENESS!



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