2 Minutes With Tera ~ Episode 11 ~ Fill Your Well

2 Minutes With Tera ~ Episode 11 ~ Fill Your Well

2 Minutes With Tera ~ Episode 11 ~ Fill Your Well

In today’s Episode, I talk about the importance of Self Care, a Primary Food topic in the category of Relationships. Oprah talks about Self Care, Deepak Chopra talks about it… and I’m hitting it home once more for you to fill your well!

The more you practice Self Care, the more you can offset Health Care costs, create more gratitude for your life, and live a happy, healthy, WHOLE existence.

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“2 Minutes With Tera” is a short series dedicated to helping you REmix Your Life through interesting life concepts.

New Episodes are posted the 1st + 3rd Sundays/Mondays of every month!

Presented by Tera Greene, Intuitive Health Coach, Award-Winning DJ and The Life REmix Expert.

2-minute topics include: Science, Spirituality and Food/Nutrition (remember, food isn’t only what you eat!)




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