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Watch Queerer Than Thou

  Award-Winning Queerer Than Thou has screened at over 50 LGBT film festivals on four continents. **** Queerer Than Thou is a short comedy that tackles the age-old question of “Who is the queerest of them all?” With a cast representing many diverse aspects of

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The HodgePodge Blog Listed On Faceshuk!/!פסשוק

Here’s to a good ol’ round of פסשוק. And here’s a tip for 2011. #11 of  “20 personal money practices that got me to a place of grooving prosperity. (part 1)” – (by @DanielleLaPorte on Twitter): I give my money accounts sappy, positive-affirmation titles. My bank statement

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We’re On Our Way To Haifa Bay

5-27-10 We’re on our way to Haifa Bay. Today we’ll end up in Tel Aviv. There will be a talk about Arab/Israeli relations. Will be an interesting + intellectual day. 8:34 am I forgot, but I was joking with [our madricha] about it starting to

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Mt. Ben Tal

5-26-10; 8:19 AM Today we go to Mt. Ben Tal and to the Olive Factory @ Golan Heights… then kayaking (actually it was rafting).  Time to look out from great, majestic heights. It’s officially evening on Tuesday in LA, so I suppose [my friend] has

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